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Architect 2 Show
Executive Summary
Definition: An architect is a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking

DOM, SOA, TCP, IP, ..."

Looking at the never-ending buzzwords, architecting is not easy, not to mention the critiques who love to see you sweat.
To me architecting is a tool, God-given-talent, an art, an expression and a communication media.
Knowledge, experience and an open mind to other views are key ingredients.
It is how to convert a complex issue or case and turn it into small steps and parts that are easy to understand and easier to build.
Also thinking in term of (be in their shoes) business-clients, components, containers, servers, technologies, developers, testers, PM, budget, documentation, timeline and all the bottlenecks that the system would have.

The following is a list of some of my architectures that I have created over the years and I would like to share them with my colleagues. I am also working on updating my previous work with the new technology.
The architect images shown in this presentation are the view from 2,000 feet, where we are presenting the relationships between the system tiers, components and processes.

System Architect Listings:
     Image Upload and Analysis Project®
     Credit Repair System Architect®
     Dynamic Business Rules Architect®
     Using XML, SAXP, DOM and Java Reflection As Database Adapter®
     Page Builder Project - System Architect®
     Distributed System Architect®
     Small Business Web Store Architect and Design®
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Image Upload and Analysis Project System Architect®
This is a four tiers architect that services mobile users, web users and cloud computing clients. Users may upload images and receive services based on the request and analysis to be done on the image. It is an intelligent software that will be learning as the images uploaded increase. It creates pages dynamically based on the Page Parser intelligence and business rules. Data (images, docs, or files) would be retrieved from the system database, other institutions database (foreign) or a Legacy system.

Dynamic Business Rules Architect

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Credit Repair System Architect®
This architect is a complete system with intelligent software engines, credit analysts and Toll-Free Service analysts and has the capability to service different credit businesses. We are calling the businesses Our Front Stores.

In a nutshell, the architect is data from the three bureaus and other data providers, and turn the data into information, reports and services. It will store-validate-analyze-corrected-audit trail-convert-resell the data in any format feasible including the following format:
Credit and Debt services
Our Reports
Rules Loaders
Customized by the clients in any format
Customized by the clients in any format Row data that is validated and corrected
Computer Services – Application Service Provider (ASP)

Credit Repair Architect

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Dynamic Business Rules Architect®
The basic concept of any computer is the binary bit (0,1). We were able to turn this binary 0s and 1s into a revolution of technologies that we are using today. With the same thinking, we basically turn business rules into 0s and 1s and build systems that would handle complex Dynamic Business Rules. We are presenting the relationships between the following:
Rules Manager & DataObjects(DO)
Rules Loaders
Rules Storage

Dynamic Business Rules Architect

They can be considered as tiers or Java packages with sub-packages. Each has specific roles to play. They are loosely coupled for reusability, modification and portability. We are creating a framework for our architect which can be integrated into any Java system. The framework can be integrated into and run on any application server with hardly any changes to it.

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Using XML, SAXP, DOM and Java Reflection As Database Adapter®
This architect addresses how anyone can use XML, SAXP, DOM and Java Reflection to built Database Adapter. Basically the data would be stored as a Character Large Objects (CLOBs) field in XML format (XML file). XML file would be composed of you DO representation in XML format.

XML DB Adapter Architect

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Page Builder Project System Architect®
This architect helps with updating page contents and creating static web pages in real-time. It has a number of parser that parse Microsoft Excel files and store values in the database.

Page Builder Architect

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Distributed System Architect®
This architect is a Distributed System with a Centralized Corporate System and any number of stores. Each store has its own independent system, but Corporate has some control over each store. Corporate performs the scheduling (pull-push-on demand), synchronization, inventory, audit trail and dynamic Business Rules. HTTP Servlets (Tomcat) and FTP are used in the Corporate-Store communication and data exchange. Both Corporate and stores run their own independent batch processes.

Distributed System Architect

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Small Business Web Store Architect and Design®
This is the architect and the design for a small business running on the web. The architect image shows the services and components. The Design presents the Java packages or subsystem and components that would be running on an application server.

Small Business Web Store Architect

Small Business Web Store Design®
The design is composed of the following Java packages or subsystem.
Customers Services:
Product listing
Payment and Payment Schedules
Delivery Routes
Delivery Schedule
Vendors Services:
Purchase Order (PO)
Delivery & Routing Schedules
Price listing

Store Operations:
Store Monitoring (example: cameras and web monitoring)
Hosting and Customized eCommerce site
Daily Tasks

Sales Totals
Sales Personal

Tax payment & schedule
Daily Totals
Monthly Totals
Quarterly Totals
Balance Sheet
Accounting Page
Accountant Page

Customers & Vendors Center:
Shipping information
Login and password Services
New Customers & Vendors
Feedback Service Page

The number and types of Reports are based on the bsuiness and applications running