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Sam Eldin
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Sam I am
About Sam: My name is Sam Eldin and I recently moved from the Windy City Chicago to my new home, the sunny and warm Tampa, Florida. I am an IT professional with over 18 years experience in IT and sales.
This site is about my curriculum vitae (CV - resume) to the world, I hope you like it.

Hobbies: I love traveling, playing soccer and bodybuilding.

Executive Summary: IT Technical Lead-Architect-Project Manager with over 18 years of solving complex and mission critical problems. Leading teams of management, development, infrastructure and testing. System Architect and Former Computer Science Professor: with the soft skills, the experience and the knowledge of management, analysis, design, architect, development, coding, testing, infrastructure, training and setting standards. Solution Architect, Innovator and Strategic Planner: creates next-level intelligent solutions and architects-designs solutions for Big Data, CRM, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Streaming, Cloud, Governance, Next Generation of Cyber Security, Web-Mobile-Cloud Services and Turnkey DevOps Services. Business Owner: owns, operates and manages IT consulting companies plus family business. Technologist: embraces leading-edge technologies and methodologies. Project Manager: works with clients, investors and prospect projects to develop business plans, proposals, prototypes, management plans, proof of concept, balance sheets, taxes, and works on projects budgets. Visionary: architects-designs-develops intelligent platforms-frameworks, security, dynamic business rules and next generation of intelligent data services. Team Player: inspires teams and brainstorms solutions to harness the team brainpower. Excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to present ideas and build consensus when working with clients/teams, and engagement. Demonstrates exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, professionalism, resourcefulness, and a strong sense of accountability. Experience in grasping issues quickly and making educated, critical judgments in the absence of complete information.

Earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Chemistry from University of Illinois. Sam is a Self training - self starter - entrepreneur thinking and eager to join teams to build the future.