Sam Eldin
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Our view of CRM system is how to use data to advance your business by handling diverse and new data.

Without being a philosopher and a critic, CRM as a concept is not limited to service human customer only. Any time, there is a service, there must be a client and server or a user and a provider. CRM is how to use the never ending flow data to service clients including the company which is servicing these clients. Such clients can be anything including human. For example, an airline company would have several CRM system running trillions of data sets, where clients can be luggage handling, airports, weather, customers, fuel, etc. Each is an independent CRM system running within the airline. The customer in the luggage CRM would be the luggage and their owners. Such CRM system would be communicating and cooperating to advance the airline and meet the airline goals.

We believe that CRM and Big Data are the basis for advancing any business. They are inseparable. Sadly CRM is being called different names such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP views customers is human only, where our CRM views anything including the business is composed a number of CRM subsystems. Our example of the airline as a business is a CRM system and not ERP.

There are several factors (not including security) must be addressed when comes to CRM:

         • Size of data
         • Types of data
         • Storing data
         • Extract, Transform, Load of data
         • Processing speed
         • Values within the data
         • Data Presentation
         • Never ending updates
         • Tracking data and values
         • Social media impact
         • Statistics

The following sites are our presentation of handling CRM and Big Data: