Sam Eldin
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Cloud - Infrastructure Architect
With over 15 years of architecting and building cloud system, our experience shows that there is two types of architects:

         • An architect who draws boxes and arrows
         • An architect who envisions and lives in his own architect

An architect who draws boxes and arrows:
Worked with so many knowledgeable architects (who draw boxes and arrows), but sadly they were very static and lack communication skills.

An architect who envisions and lives his architect:
An architect is a critical member in any team, where he turns an idea into a living and running system which addresses the clients' needs and issues. He must sell his architect to his team. The architect and target system must address the system's future. There is no difference between an architect and a data analyst, where an architect must envision all the system details including bits, bytes, web, wireless, firewalls, etc. An architect must get in the heads of clients, users, developers, managers, testers and every individual and knowing the functionalities of any components used in developing the target system. For more details see the following link which is located in CV page:


Infrastructure Architect
An Infrastructure Architect is the missing link to system architectures. Any software system must have the infrastructure support. Being both a cloud-system architect and infrastructure architect give a total view of any system where data centers, bridges, remote handling, security, etc are part of architect equations. For more details see the data center pages on the following site: